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By far, however, the best thing about Night Flight is the teachers.They offer a wide variety of classes, including aerial fitness, trapeze, aerial silk, and acrobatics.For me, this feeling applies more to silks than pole, but thats a personal preference based on my body and interests.

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Class time includes basic yoga warm-ups, conditioning games on the silks, instruction of skills and poses.Aerial Silk classes are now taught at Anamaya Resort, usually twice per week, by Lia Short.Classes are for beginners and intermediates, and include basic instruction, warm up, cool down, etc.

Open gym is not appropriate for students who have never taken aerial silks before.

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The apparatus used in aerial acrobatics includes aerial hoops (aka aerial rings or lyras), aerial silks (aka aerial fabric), trapezes, aerial straps, areial ropes (aka free rops or corde lisse) and aerial nets.

Our playground includes the apparatus of Pole, Hammock, Hoop and Silks.

Click each link to view more information about each type of class.This studio is recommended for beginners and those who want to make aerial part of.

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Founded by Darla Day in 2012, we have taught thousands of children, youth, and adults, the art of flying.For tops, semi-fitted to fitted capped-sleeve t-shirt, or wear a tank top and bring a sleeved layer.

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Sophisticated and elegant, the combination of strength, flexibility and artistry will get you.

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We offer several types of Hammocks also called Slings including the Basic Yoga Hammock, Aerial Yoga Hammock Double Point, Aerial Yoga Hammock Single Point, Flying Trapeze Yoga Hammock, and an Aerial Yoga Dance Kit.Discovering The World Of Pole And Aerial Fitness Was Sheer Coincidence.When you complete the course for absolute beginners you can progress to the more advanced aerial classes.Onair Barcelona is one of the best places in the city to learn or practice aerial dancing.Since her introduction to aerial arts, she has fallen in love with flying and continues to seek opportunities that will broaden her aerial experience.Ana Drago - Fitness and Aerial Dance, Yoga and Pilates, Aerial Silk Ballet, Acrobat dance, Music and Dance Workshops.

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Attire: Long leggings that cover past knees for Aerial Hoop, and to ankles for Silks.

Aerial silks, also known as aerial fabrics, are a circus skill that consists of fabric that hangs in the air from a truss.Your child will learn to fly and dance creatively up in the air.

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